About Gabby

For Parents & Doulas

“I bridge the time & energy gap for parents by finding their perfect doula. I also have created an intentional community for doulas to connect & find resources.”

Gabby has been in the Doula industry for four years and has been caring for infants for over ten years. She is passionate about connecting families with quality resources and referrals. She has ten years of experience caring for infants and families.

She knows the industry well and is well connected within the industry to professional doulas within the Puget Sound. In addition to being well connected within the Seattle area, Gabby is also a birth and postpartum Doula. She has run a successful Doula business for three years and has many happy clients. Gabby has curated the top Doulas in the Seattle area. Gabby is committed to finding your perfect Doula. She works hard to bring you Doulas who serve all types of families.

Her particular interests are in the prenatal period and in the first year postpartum. She loves connecting families with other families and resources during pregnancy in order to prepare for the major shift that comes with becoming a parent. In addition, she is also dedicated to getting families the support they need postpartum, in order to thrive as parents.  

She will use her expertise to find your perfect doula.



Gabby Jones, The Doula Consultant

Gabby Jones, The Doula Consultant