Welcome Doulas!

The Doula Consultant is committed to creating a dynamic doula community in the Puget Sound Region by guiding new & established doulas to success!
When one succeeds, we all succeed.

Gabby offers two consulting packages, one for the new doula just starting out and one for the established doula who needs guidance growing their business.

Woman sitting at a cafe with a laptop open, holding a phone | The Doula Consultant

Doula Business Start-up Session

  • $300

  • In person, phone or video Brainstorming Session to get a feel for your business vision and set goals;

  • Step-by-step guide on how to legally get set up on state and national level (how to form type of business, get business license, UBI and Tax ID number;

  • How to set up: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp page, and Google listing, Google analytics;

  • Access to Members-only events and content;

  • Customized checklist and check-ins based on your specific needs.

  • 12 weekly check ins, then phone and email support as needed.

Woman with a laptop | The Doula Consultant

Renew Your Business

  • $200

  • Consultation to determine where you are in your business and determine where business can grow;

  • Look at analytics and determine a strategy;

  • Revamp your marketing strategy (social and in-person);

  • Lists of tips and tricks to prevent slow times;

  • Monthly check-ins and video calls for 6 months;

  • Access to Members-only events and content;

Consult Meeting or Call Only

  • $50

  • One hour call or in person brainstorming session

  • Great option if you have a plan, but are just feeling a little stuck and need some direction.

If you are ready to book a time with Gabby or would like more information, please fill out the form below, and Gabby will get back to you ASAP.