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Toddler holding & kissing his infant sibling | The Doula Consultant | Gabby Jones

Save Time & Headache

As a busy parent (or parent-to-be), the idea of researching and interviewing birth and/or postpartum doulas seems daunting and tiresome! The amount of choices you have can be overwhelming.The Doula Consultant will help you by simplifying the process.

Step 1: The Questionnaire

Once you are ready to book with The Doula Consultant, Gabby will give you a call and go over a questionnaire designed to get to know you, your family, and needs. You’ll also receive a free list of local resources to further cut down on your research time!

Step 2: The Interview

Once your questionnaire is completed, Gabby will schedule a time to do an interview via Zoom with you. This will allow her to get to know you better, so that she can find you the perfect doula.

Step 3: Sit Back & Relax!

After the interview is over, you sit back & relax! Gabby gets right to work finding you the perfect doula based on everything you’ve told her. She ensures that all doulas have had an in-person or Newborn Care Specialist training & CPR certification to provide the best support to clients. Gabby can either choose the perfect doula for you, or send you 2-3 names for you to interview. Once a doula is chosen, you will sign a contract with that doula and work with her or him directly.


$400, including a $100 non-refundable deposit

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